There is nothing wrong with idol worship. Click to listen

There is some propaganda against idol worship.

Not only from outside Sanatana dharma, that is understandable.

Even from within Sanatana Dharma.

These objections vary from “ It is not there in the Vedas” to “idolatry is the lowest form of spirituality”.

We are not getting into whether it there in the Vedas or not.

Only what is worth pointing out here is that those who vehemently argue that idol worship is not there in the Vedas, do not know what is there in the Vedas or what they think to be Vedas are not Vedas.

We are not even today going to try and prove that idol worship is there in Sanatana dharma by quoting umpteen number of scriptures.

We are also not going to try and analyse how far this statement that this is a lower form of spirituality and ours is a higher form of spirituality – how far this would stand before even a brain of average intelligence.

Aren’t we all irrespective of caste, creed and religion, age gender idol recognizers, image recognizers.

We see that green round icon with a white border and white telephone handset, we instantly recognize that it is WhatsApp. Is that symbol WhatsApp?

No . that is just a few pixels of light.

Whatsapp sits in millions of mobile phones and in Geop bytes of server memory. Geop byte is the highest unit of memory.

So many brains and so many programming hours have gone into the making of WhatsApp.

So many millions make their life and some even spoil there life around social media.

WhatsApp is a culture, WhatsApp is a medical issue for some, WhatsApp is a law and order problem somewhere.

See the entity that is so colossal – represented by a small green circle and instantly recognized.

Do we think about all these when we see that icon? But we connect instantly. This is what this symbol stands for. The moment you have to send a message to someone, you reach out for that icon.

Suppose you had to write programs for sending messages, put your personal message within a java code or python code before you could send it across, how many of us would have been able to do that.

We reach out for that icon WhatsApp because it is a symbol, easy to do, and it works.

Your message goes across. It reaches the person for whom it is meant.

That is the reason these apps are created.

So if a programmer says, that this platform called WhatsApp is inferior, you people, the users, don’t know what goes on behind all these, there is a lot of algorithms, and arguments and control flows and object code behind all this, will you really bother.

How does it really matter, as long as it works?

Idols to a large extent are like these icons, making it easy for you to connect to divinity, in a simple straightforward manner.

And this works. It works efficiently for millions and millions.

You can have your own method. Which suits you better.

But are you really good enough to give grades to another system which you don’t even know about?

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