शक्ति और सफलता के लिए मंत्र



Thanksl for Vedadhara's incredible work of reviving ancient wisdom! -Ramanujam

Phenomenal! 🙏🙏🙏🙏 -User_se91xo

Vedadhara is really a spiritual trasure as you call it. But for efforts of people like you the greatness of our scriptures will not ve aavailable for future gennerations. Thanks for the admirable work -Prabhat Srivastava

this website is a bridge to our present and futur generations toour glorious past...superly impressed -Geetha Raghavan

Glorious! 🌟✨ -user_tyi8

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धन्वन्तरि जयन्ती

धन्वन्तरि जयन्ती धनतेरस को ही मनाया जाता है।

नैमिषारण्य किस नदी के तट पर है ?

नैमिषारण्य गोमती नदी के बाएं तट पर है ।


एकलव्य की मृत्यु किसके हाथों हुई थी ?
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